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Rachel's 101

Ok so here's the deal about this site. I have a book called "101 Things to Do Before You're Old and Boring" by Richard Horne & Helen Szirtes and I plan on doing them! As I complete each task I will post pictures and goodies to share! I'll try and do them as often as I can and post them as soon as I've done them.

Here you can tell me what you think of each task and how you think I've done. When I have finished all 101 lets eat cake! Then buy "101 Things to Do Before You Die"!

What Can You Do?

You can give words of inspiration and anything like that. At the moment I'm not really looking for finacal suport. If you want to you can post other tasks and I might do them! So please visit the blog page and comment for that!


The Blog area will have updates and important info for you. Please comment on the blogs! Thank you.